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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sean Donahoe just put Google on notice.

Sean just put Google "on notice" (must see)
Google Domination The Easy Way? You Decide...
Sean Just Unleashed a Beast (Check this out)

My marketing friend Sean Donahoe just put Google on notice.

Most marketers are struggling with getting traffic to their WordPress
sites after the latest panda or penguin wrecks their traffic and
they watch hopelessly as their traffic dries up literally overnight.

What Sean has done eliminates that, and he's developed a
powerful plugin that literally drives waves of red-hot, highly
targeted traffic to your website virtually on auto-pilot.

Plus, it's really easy to setup.

You will get:
  - Massive EPCs
  - Happy Customers
  - Ultra-Low Refunds
  - Incredible Funnel
  - Massive Profits

All you have to do is:  

1.  Create some web 2.0 accounts (or use existing ones..) 
2.  Configure the plugin and the account from step 1.  
3.  Every time you post content, just tell Rockstar to "Syndicate it" and it goes off to work for you.

Check it out here:


He's literally spent thousands of dollars developing and testing
this and it's what he uses on his own sites.  

I've already grabbed a copy, and started using it.  

It's really that cool.


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